#FindTheMoneyProject Next Level
is the program for the past 3 years, that has helped HUNDREDS of families change their money blueprint &
become debt-free
I am now retiring the program but you can access it all for life for $200 OFF 

The Big Reveal: 
The #1 Thing That Will Solve Your
Financial Problems... 

it's NOT winning the lottery... 

It's investing in your own financial literacy & rewriting your money story. 

I'm so excited that you are ready to CRUSH your debt, student loans and living paycheck to paycheck once and for all.
I feel highly honored that you trust me enough to walk hand in hand with me and I do NOT take that responsibility lightly.

I was that girl, who would say, EVERY year, 
"This year is going to be the year, I will pay everything off. This year I'm finally going to travel" 
"This is MY year"
and literally by April I'd see other people who seemed to be doing better than me, having more opportunity or inevitably some huge expense would squander my tax return that I hoped would pay everything off... and I would give up.
What I realized, was that I had a lot of PROGRAMMING to overcome if I wanted to be financially free.
I wasn't raised to honor and respect money, if anything, it was a constant source of fear and anxiety. I wished that it didn't rule my life! 
I just didn't KNOW what I didn't know. 

Once I found some mentors & made small shift in thinking & behaving I found that my goals started to come easily and effortlessly and all it took was a plan and the right tools.
​​​​​​​I have worked with some of the top mentors in the world and I want to share some of what I learned and my personal gifts of coaching to help YOU have the life you want.
2019 is YOUR TIME! It's your year.  
Carrie B. 
"My families life is forever changed.. I feel as though I am gaining my life back. It's starting to CLICK!.. I truly believe you came across my path for a reason that is bigger than either one of us will ever understand "
Sandra E. 
"I remember when we very first started this group...
I decided I needed new people to look up to...
I'm not getting paid to do what I love.
I might be slower at it than the rest of you amazing people but this process works!"
Amber R.
"This program really does work. Even when things come up. I may have "spent" a lot of money in 2017. But I was still able to save some money. And I didn't end 2017 with any debt at all...I am feeling really proud right now, and just wanted to share!"
What is included in #FindTheMoneyProject Next Level:
  • 90-Days of Group Accountability & Financial Education Plus:
  •  9 Modules with over 24+ hours of video content and course work ($1997 value)
  •  Over 10 hours of BONUS interviews with Millionaires ($147 value)
  •  How to Sell without being Salesy 2-Hour Workshop ($97 value)
  •  Money & Relationship Workshop: How to Become an Unstoppable Team Workshop ($97 value)
  •  Guided Meditations for Gratitude, Abundance, and Service ($47 value)
  •  Strategies to curb the behaviors that keep you broke
  •  Identifying the individual habits that are sabotaging your best efforts
  • Creating systems and strategies for your money before it finds a place of its own to hide
  •  Learning how to create more wealth & income on top of your current job
  •  Ways to make, earn and KEEP more of your own cash
  •  Pay-off debts one by one, faster than you imagined possible
  •  A community of like-minded people who want more out of life
  •  Support and access to Danny-J throughout your journey
  •  Lifetime access to the free challenge, the program and bonuses
  •  Continued updates and accountability for your goals
- How to Sell without being Salesy 2-Hour Workshop ($97 value)

Money & Relationship Workshop: How to Become an Unstoppable Team Workshop ($97 value)
  •  - Guided Meditations for Gratitude, Abundance, and Service ($47 value)
  • -Over 10 hours of BONUS interviews with Millionaires ($147 value)
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I'm student loan debt free!...In all honesty, I never thought this day would come, I figured I would pay the minimum payment for the 9 years that was projected...It wasn't until I became mindful that things started to change...I [became] mindful of my money and here I am 40 months early!"

-Robyn C. 
"So I have some news....on Friday I will make our final student loan payment. That makes us debt free (except for mortgage). I will work the numbers this week but it's something like close to 3 years and almost $300,000.00. 
Yes, I had to type out the zeros.
..Never in my wildest dreams did I actually think this was possible and I am so excited for the future as we plan out savings, some bigger purchases and retirement. 
Danny J, you were right. I said I wasn't sure about joining the Next Level because we were going to be debt free by January and you said, "the way I see it, if you join, you can be debt free by September.""

-Lisa L. 
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